Gambling & Casino Affiliate WordPress Themes

The importance of a good gambling affiliate theme should not be understated.

It is one of the most important decisions you make when start getting involved in affiliate marketing for gambling and betting.

I know this because I have used countless themes over the years, in a quest to find the best WordPress theme ‘out of the box’.

Fortunately, the number of WordPress themes dedicated to affiliates in the gambling and betting sector is quite low. This means that I have managed to get some good hands on experience with most (not all) themes listed below.

In this post, I am going to cover why you should go for a dedicated WordPress theme, and the pros/cons of your options, their price and where to buy theme.

Do I Really Need a Gambling/ Betting WordPress Theme?

The short answer is no.

You can be successful and make plenty of commission via gambling and betting sites with any WordPress theme.

But the long answer is yes.

You should get a proper WordPress theme, and the gambling and betting WordPress themes available are designed to get visitors to your site, keep them on your site, make them interact with your content and earn you that lifetime commission.

Here are just some of the major factors when it comes to picking a theme.

Website Design

Of course, one of the most important aspect of any WordPress theme is how it looks and how it can be modified.

For example, if you go to any gambling affiliate site, you will notice widgets that dominate how gambling sites are shown. If you don’t know what I mean, just look at some screenshots below:

casino website widgets example screenshot
one example of online casino widgets
casino website widgets example screenshot 2
and another example of online casino widgets

Although it is possible to make your own custom widgets to replicate this, having a WordPress theme that does this is easier and quicker. Especially if you don’t have any coding experience like me.

Because other affiliates use the same themes, it is not uncommon for feature requests to be added, making it possible to use the same features as more experienced affiliates.

Page Speed

If you are invested in SEO, particularly technical SEO, then you will know the ongoing importance that Google is putting on website speed.

page speed insights score screenshot
A performance score of ‘100’ is what we all desire, right?!

Website designers are all too aware of this requirement, which is why their continuous updates look to address and speed saving possible.

If you are using a ‘generic’ WordPress theme and then relying on a page builder such as Elementor, WP Bakery or Beaver Builder to individually build blocks, then page speed is something you are likely to have issues with.

Instant Setup

When I started off with my first affiliate website, I was a one-man team. I had to set up the website, write the content, apply to affiliate networks and do all the other admin associated with gambling affiliate sites.

So, having a WordPress theme that you can purchase and upload on your site within five minutes is a welcome luxury.

With multiple demos and templates, you can quickly get an idea of how the backend of these website themes operate. You can also them to help determine your website design.

Ease of Use

Using any new WordPress theme typically takes some time adjusting to all the different settings and plugins you need, in order for the functionality you require.

And whilst you have the benefit of instant setup from demo themes (as mentioned above), the online casino affiliate themes I am about to show you come with extensive documentation.

This is crucial when you start playing around with widgets, tags and shortcodes. Trust me.

After Sales Support

Depending on where you purchase the themes I am about to cover below, you also get access to after sales support.

This support is designed to help you troubleshoot and overcome any problems you face with design, template updates, coding issues and a whole host of other issues.

It is important to note, that some after sales support will be limited to a certain time period – typically 6 months – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find lifetime customer support!

Online Casino and Gambling Affiliate Themes to Consider

That’s enough of an intro to satisfy SEO purposes get you excited.

Here’s the affiliate themes to consider using for your next gambling site – in no particular order.

Mercury – Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

Okay, this one is first, because it is the one I have the most experience with – I use it on my biggest earning site.

I have had it installed on my site for the last couple of years, and it has been one of the best investments I made. When I paid the $69 to download the theme (for single use), I was almost tempted to go for the Poka Theme, due to it being cheaper and allowing me to use on multiple sites.

However, the $69 payment turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made.

The theme is easy to use; lightweight, has a backend that’s easy to use and looks great. At the time of writing, there are 10 different demos that you can copy or use for inspiration.

mercury casino affiliate wordpress theme demo screenshot
3 of the 10 Mercury demos to use as inspiration

To purchase Mercury, you need to do so via Envato Themes, which manages the license and the after sales support. You only get 6 months support from Mercury’s creator – Space Themes – however you can extend that by 12 months (at a reduced rate) during your initial purchase, or anytime after.

Having used the support a few times, it has always been useful to help resolve my issue in a timely manner.

And it looks like other affiliates agree with me.

It has an average rating of 4.83 (from 101 ratings) and over 2,000 sales!

Find Out More About the Mercury – Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

Coinflip – Casino Affiliate & Gambling WordPress Theme

Next up, is another casino affiliate theme that is available exclusively through Envato Themes.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Coinflip, as it wasn’t available the last time I purchased a theme for one of my smaller affiliate sites. It looks as though it was released in early 2021, based on some forum comments by the theme creators.

Although it isn’t the ‘best looking’ theme out of the box, the number of features that it has vast.

With inbuilt forum functionality, a casino comparison feature and – my favourite – a knowledgebase, which is perfect for targeting, low volume, high intent keywords.

coinflip wordpress theme knowledgebase screenshot
the demo setup for Coinflip’s knowledgebase

However, although lots of functionality is good, this can cause potential for plugin ‘bloat’ which can slow down your site or cause other issues when resizing for mobile devices.

Although I can’t speak from personal experience, it looks well worth a try, a has already received some good feedback and a few hundred sales – not bad considering it’s only been available for around six months.

Find Out More About the Coinflip – Casino Affiliate & Gambling WordPress Theme

Spinoko Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

This is another new casino affiliate theme that I recently found by lurking various GPWA forums, and one that prompted me to write this article.

Spinoko is the theme name by WordPress developers – Dinomatic, who create casino affiliate and sports betting affiliate themes and plugins.

Looking through the demo site, it looks like a site that has just the essential widgets need to run a successful affiliate site, without distracting users with fancy features or design.

However, one feature I did notice is associated with their casino blocks. If you’ve promoted any casino affiliate links before, you will know how important T&Cs are to operators. In all of the blocks I found in the demo, T&Cs were only displayed when hovering over the ‘T&Cs’ text.

spinoko wordpress theme demo screenshot
Potential Issue? T&Cs only visible when you highlight over them

This could cause some serious earning problems later down the line.

Aside from that, the Spinoko theme is incredibly well priced – €89.99 for use on unlimited websites with unlimited usage, and support and updates for 12 months. Or, €189.99 for unlimited websites, unlimited usage, priority supports and updates forever!

If you already have, or considering having, a network of affiliate sites, Spinoko may be worth checking out as your go-to theme!

Find Out More About the Spinoko Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

Poka Affiliate WordPress Theme

You’ve just read my opinion on two themes I have no personal insight with, but Poka theme is one that I do have experience with.

However much I like the Mercury theme, I didn’t fancy buying multiple licenses and managing them. Especially with Envato Themes.

During my initial search for a WordPress theme, I was aware of Poka theme, with its one-off fee and freedom to use across multiple sites.

poka wordpress theme front end screenshots
some of the available front-end Poka Theme screenshots

Compared the the Mercury theme, I find a bit more limited in design and widget control. It is also a bit more challenging to get it to work. But that could just because I don’t spend as much time customising the design, like I do with my main site.

However, for the price of $58, it is absolutely perfect for my needs to upload to new sites. Again, scouting forums, it seems that Poka theme is popular with other gambling affiliates who have recommended it.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, I would. But with increased competition from the Coinflip and Spinoko themes mentioned above, it would make my decision-making process a lot harder!

Find Out More About the Poka Affiliate WordPress Theme

Additional Mentions

The four affiliate themes I have listed above seem to be the most popular ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions when it comes to gambling affiliate sites. However, there are additional themes that I am also aware of.

For the purpose of highlighting as many WordPress themes as possible, these are include below. However, with no personal experience, and little information to find on related forums, there is little insight I can provide!

GameZone – Online Casino WordPress Theme

GameZone is an online casino theme is not technically an affiliate theme, but a casino theme.

If you are planning on running an online casino with a WordPress theme you can buy from Template Monster, then I strongly recommend you reconsider. But, it does have the potential to be repurposed into an affiliate site.

Do note, that you will probably need to use some additional gambling affiliate plugin to transform it into a functioning site – something from one of the previous developers we’ve mentioned.

However, the live demo theme looks reasonably modern and comes with all the page templates need for a good affiliate site. Unfortunately, it does use Elementor, which I would recommend you avoid.

gamezone wordpress theme screenshot
GameZone WordPress Theme – Not strictly for affiliate marketing

Overall, the theme looks good, but lacks the proper functionality required. If you know how to code websites, or want to give yourself a challenge, then go ahead and try GameZone’s theme.

Otherwise, give this a pass.

Find Out More About the GameZone Online Casino WordPress Theme

VegasHero Casino Theme

VegasHero offer a range of casino themes and plugins made exclusively for iGaming affiliates.

With two themes to choose from; VegasHero’s Sports Betting theme and VegasHero’s Casino theme, both themes offer a fairly generic and plain design, but with the common features you would expect to see.

Pricing wise, a single website license is $59, three site license is $69 and 100 site license is $79.

Find Out More About the VegasHero Casino Theme

Flytonic Casino Affiliate Themes

Flytonic’s offer for casino affiliate sites isn’t just one WordPress theme, there are 21 of them to pick from.

You could opt for a traditional casino slots theme, a poker theme, a cryptocurrency-casino theme and more.

Although I have not come across any opinions of Flytonic – good or bad – taking a look at the Flytonic site, it looks seriously dated. The demo affiliate themes look slightly more up-to-date, but incredibly generic.

Pricing is similar to some of the competitors here, which doesn’t even make it attractive from a low-cost price point. There are three pricing options – $59, $79 and $249, as shown in the screenshot below.

flytonic wordpress theme pricing screenshot
I’m not sure I would pay these prices, when comparing with competitor themes

Flytonic also offer a range of other services; affiliate WordPress plugins, SEO and content writing and paid advertising. I’m not sure how much focus is dedicated to updating and supporting their range of themes.

Find Out More About the Flytonic Casino Affiliate Themes

So, Which is Best?

At the end of the day, choosing a casino WordPress theme comes down to personal opinion.

Whilst demos are made to look fancy and exciting, consider the functions that you do and don’t need carefully. If you can find other sites using a theme, you can get an idea of how they look in ‘real life’.

There are plenty of themes to choose from here – and in my opinion, some are much better than others. However, if you don’t like any of the themes or wish to use a generic theme instead, do consider the possibility of using casino affiliate plugins which are available from most of the developers listed.

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